Our main objective: Innovation at the service of our customers

Among our projects in this field we have:

Mounting Engineering in CSP of Morón de la Frontera:

Engineering and development of a new high-capacity assembly process and an optical quality measurement (interception factor) of 100% of installed SCEs. Process used in the plant of Morón de la Frontera: 116 ties.

– Solar Field Engineering at Crescent Dunes – Tonopah (USA):

The Crescent Dunes plant is the largest central tower receiver plant ever built. With a power of 115 MW, 195 meters of height of the tower and designed with system of storage of salts of up to 6 hours, it generates an annual amount of energy equivalent to that obtained with 290,000 tons of coal and provides electricity to 75,000 houses

Our participation has consisted in:

  • Development of heliostats.

  • Detailed engineering of the solar field

  • Technical Management of the erection of the Solar Field in Tonopah.

  • Heliostat and Heliostat Control Unit (HCU)

Parabolic cylinder collector TCP150 in Manchasol (Ciudad Real)

Drive design, system assembly and design and programming of the SCE local control system with SCADA application for control and data collection.