Our main objective: Innovation at the service of our customers.



We design and make equipments or elements with the specifications of our final client.

Along our professional path we have developed a series of products that, even being originally made-to-measure, they are capable of being adapted and used in similar applications for those which were designed, although with a sensitively low cost.

Here is a list of some of which we consider of more common use and which we can offer to you:

  • Sensors of Proximity, of effect hall, Tetrastate.
  • Special Oleohydraulic Blocks for diverse hydraulic circuits.
  • Special Flow Meters and Flow Switch for panels of press greasing
  • Grease Filters for greasing centralized systems.
  • Filtration Station and transfer of oils.
  • Special High Pressure filters for oleohydraulic circuits.
  • Photovoltaic lampposts.
  • Made-to-measure Oleohydraulic and pneumatic Cylinders.
  • Made-to-measure Oleohydraulic Stations

Our represented Brands:


IAI. Manufacturer of Servo Actuators.

Exclusive distributor of IAI for Andalucia and Extremadura.


BIJUR DELIMON. Manufacturer of components for centralized engines.

Official distributor of BIJUR DELIMON exclusive to Andalusia.



NORGREN. Components of pneumatic systems..

Authorized seller for the Province of Cadiz.


COMPAIR. Air Compressors.

Authorized seller of COMPAIR for the Province of Cadiz.