Our main objective: Innovation at the service of our customers.


  • Technical service:
    • Maintenance: Given our extensive experience in the sector, we analyse and carry out preventive maintenance of the oleohydraulic, pneumatic and electrical equipment of the fleets of the main shipping companies in Spain.
    • Repair of troubleshooting: We have Technical Assistance Services 24/48 H to make a rapid intervention in the equipment of damaged ships, with highly qualified and specialized personnel.
  • Integration: We propose improvements and adaptations of the equipment that we normally operate and maintain, in order to obtain a better performance of them and / or avoid unnecessary breaks or stops, either at the request of our clients or at our proposals.
  • Industrial supplies: We offer our customers the supply of the materials they need, relating to the materials we dominate and with which we usually work (hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, automation / robotics, electronics and electricity), putting them at the service of the same Variety of brands, at very competitive prices.